Scripture questions designed principally for adult Bible classes. Deuteronomy-Esther

Bush, George, 1796-1859

Editors notes: I have copied this as exactly as I can from the OCR Epub of this book on The original document I got here, and I've been copying the OCR document, fixing little things to bring them back to what the scan says, with the goal of eventually putting it all in a well formatted Epub and Pdf that people can pull down and keep on their phones and the like to help them with their Bible Study. I'll talk more here about this in future as I see progress on the project. I am pretty sure there will be errors and things in here, so let me know when you see them so I can fix them (email on homepage). I've only really dipped in and out of this as I've done my own Bible Study, so I'll put on here any comments I have about this document as well.





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