1 Kings 3

With whom did Solomon make affinity, and is it to be thought that he sinned in this? N.B. Compare v. 3. of this ch. with Deut. 23. 8.Moreover there is no evidence that this Egyptian wife tempted him to idolatry, like his other strange wives. Some think tho book of Canticles was penned on this occasions

Where did the people sacrifice before the Temple was erected, and did this probably prove a snare to them? Lev. 17. 3—5. Deut 12. 2—5.

What was commendable and what censurable in Solomon's conduct and character at this time? N. B. It may be remarked that the design of this and the ensuing chapter is to give a general view of the state of the the kingdom during the period that elapsed from Solomon's marriage to the completion of the Temple, and the other buildings executed by him.

Where did he go to offer sacrifices, and what was the number of his burnt-offerings on this occasion?

Why did he resort to Gibeon for this purpose, and by whom was he accompanied? 2 Chron. 1.3.

What peculiar divine manifestation was granted to him here, and what were the particulars? V. 5—14.

What are we taught by this striking incident, as to the proper objects of petition at the throne of grace? Eccl. 2.26.

What did Solomon do after his return to Jerusalem?

What remarkable occurrence is here related illustrative of his great wisdom?

What impression did this incident make upon the nation at large?

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