1 Samuel 23

What tidings of an invasion are brought to David, and what does he do before going up against the enemy?

What practical duty is intimated to us in this circumstance? Prov. 3. 6.

For what reason did he enquire a second time and what answer did he receive?

What was the success of the expedition, and who came to him at Keilah?

Why is it mentioned that he came with an ephod in his hand? Exo. 28. 28—30.

How did Saul flatter himself when he heard of David's being at Keilah ?

What did he hereupon undertake, and to what had David recourse?

Did he repeat his enquiry, and what answer was returned him?

What effect had this on David's movements, and his on Saul's?

Where did David abide after this, and of what avail was Saul's pursuit of him?

What was David well persuaded of as to Saul's intentions, and with whom had he an interview in the wilderness for the last time?

What passed between these constant friends on this occasion?

What intelligence was now conveyed to Saul, and how did he receive it? v. 19—23,

Into what imminent peril was David there brought, and how did he escape?

Does the Lord often interpose for the deliverance of his people just at the crisis when they are about to give up all hope? 1 Cor,10. 13.

What did they thence call the place, and what does the name signify? Ans. Rock of divisions, from its separating between David and Saul on this occasion.

Whither did David thence retire ? N. B. It is supposed that it was in the wilderness of Engedi that David penned the 63d Psalm, which is replete with the most pious and and devout sentiments.

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