1 Samuel 24

What induced Saul to renew his pursuit of David, and how large a force did he employ for that purpose?

What remarkable Providence brought him and David together?

What did David's attendants say to him on this occasion, and with what considerations did he restrain both himself and them from harming Saul?

How far did he avail himself of the present opportunity, and with what subsequent feelings?

What are we taught by David's moderation in this instance? Prov. 16. 32.

What occurred after Saul left the cave?

Repeat the substance of David's pathetic appeal to Saul on this occasion? v. 9—15.

Was Saul exceedingly softened by David's words, and how did he reply? v. 16—20.

To what was this sudden change owing? Prov. 21. 1.

With what request of Saul did David comply before they parted?

Was David's confidence in Saul henceforth restored? Prov.26.25. John 2. 23,24.

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