Joshua 9

What measures did the Canaanitish Kings enter into to withstand Joshua?

What people excepted themselves from this alliance, and what plan did they adopt to effect their preservation? v. 3—6.

Was this a powerful people? ch. 10. 2.

By what other name were the Gibeonites called? ch. 11. 19.

What did the men of Israel say to them?

What answer did they give to Joshua, when asked where they came from? v, 9—13.

What did the Israelites do to satisfy themselves of the truth of this statement, and what was the result? v. 14, 15.

What was there that was highly sinful in their conduct on this occasion? v. 14. Prov. 3. G.

How long was it before they came to their cities, and discovered the imposition that had been practised upon them?

What appears to have been the ground of the congregation's murmuring against the princes?

What did the princes answer them, and to what were the Gibeonites condemned for their treachery?

Is the violation of treaties pointedly forbidden in the Scriptures? Rom. 1.31. 1 Tim. 1. 9, 10. 2 Tim. 3. 3.

What did Joshua say to them, and how did they answer him?

What name were they subsequently called by, and what does it signify ? 1 Chron. 9. 2. N.B. Nethinim signifies "the given"

What remark of our Saviour is illustrated by this conduct of the Gibeonites? Luke 10.8.

May their conduct on this occasion be proposed in any respect as a pattern to sinful men? Ps. 2. 12. Luke 14. 32.

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