1 Samuel 30

What sad event had taken place in Ziglag during David's absence?

Was this probably intended as a rebuke for his previous conduct?

In what was the hand of a kind Providence particularly conspicuous in the capture of the city?

How was David affected by the spectacle, and what increased his distress?

What was his first step at this juncture, and what answer did he obtain? v. 7, 8.

What is said of his pursuit of the enemy, and of the means by which he was enabled to come up with them? v. 9—15.

In what posture did he find them, and what was the result of the attack? v. 16—20.

How was he received by the two hundred men he had left behind, what difficulty had like to have arisen about the distribution of the spoil, and how was it prevented?

What ordinance was thenceforward established in Israel touching the distribution of spoil?

How did this differ from the appointment of Moses in respect to the spoil of Midian? Num. 31. 27.

What presents did David then make ?

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