Judges 6

What is said, in the commencement of this chapter, of the conduct of the Israelites, and what was the consequence? N. B. "The familiarity of the Israelites with idolaters taints them with sin; their sin draws on judgments; the smart of the judgments moves them to repentance ; upon their repentance speedy deliverance follows; and upon their deliverance they again relapse into sin'." BP. Hall. By whose hand were they now oppressed and impoverished, and in what way?

Did their calamities remarkably correspond with the previous denunciations uttered from God by the mouth of Moses2 Deut. 28. 48.

Did it aggravate their wretchedness, that this very people had formerly been subdued by themselves? Num. 31. 7—18.

To what refuge did they betake themselves in their extremities? v.2.

What did their sufferings prompt them to do, and did the Lord at once grant their requests? V. 7—10.

Is it often the case that the first cries and prayers of sinners for mercy are answered in such a way as rather to increase their distress than to relieve it? Mat. 15. 21—28.

What was the burden of the Prophet's message to the people?

By what peculiar manifestations of the divine presence was this visit of the prophet followed, and under what circumstances?

Of what tribe was Gideon, and where was he dwelling at this time?

Who was this angel? v. 14,

What conversation took place between him and Gideon? v. 12—16.

What did Gideon request of him before he departed, and what was the angel's reply?

What offering did he bring forth, and what was the result? v. 19—21.

What was Gideon's exclamation in view of the miracle?

How was he comforted and encouraged, and in what way did he testify his sense of the divine goodness? N. B. Jehovah Shalom signifies Lord, send peace.

What was done the same night?

What effect had this bold step upon the people of the place?

What did Joash answer them? N. B. Joash had probably before this been a favorer of Baal's worship, but now from parental affection or honest conviction, or both, espoused the cause of God, and stood up in defence of his son.

What new name did Gideon hereby acquire, and what does it mean? Ans. Let Baal plead.

Where did the Midianitish forces assemble, what steps were taken to oppose them, and with what success? v. 33—35.

When Gideon beheld the formidable power arrayed against him, what signs did he ask of the Lord to confirm his faith, and were they granted?

Does this fleece afford a striking emblem of the past and present condition of the Jewish nation?

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