Judges 17

At what time did the events related in this and the subsequent chapters take place? N. B, Probably at a very early period of the days of the Judges.

Where did Micah dwell, and what is said of him and his mother? v. 1—3. N. B. The design of this seems to be, to acquaint us with the first open establishment of idolatry among the nation of Israel, which was introduced by a woman, and was after a time set up in Dan, the very city where Jeroboam afterwards established the worship of one of the golden calves. 1 Kings 12. 28—30.

What did they do in carrying into effect their idolatrous projects, and what emboldened them in it? v. 4—6.

What was the name of the young man that departed out of Bethlehem-Judah? ch. 18. 30.

What was his reason for roving, and where did he come in his travels?

What parley ensued between him and Micah, and what bargain was at length struck up?

What act of presumption was Micah guilty of, and how did he thereupon flatter himself?

Does this strikingly represent the infatuation of men who promise themselves impunity in false ways of worship, and in the mere forms of religion? Prov, 14. 12. Mat 3. 9.

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