Judges 18

What is related of the Danites in the commencement of this chapter?

What is said in Joshua of the inheritance of this tribe? Josh, ch. 19. 47.

How many men were sent on this expedition?

What old acquaintance did they meet with on their way, and what conversation and request ensued? v. 3—5,

Had they probably neglected their duty in. not enquiring of the Lord by the High Priest at Shiloh before they set out upon their enterprise?

What answer did he presumptuously give them? N. B. As the event corresponded in some measure with the random guess of the Levite, it tended greatly to raise the credit of the oracle with that tribe.

What does the Lord say by Jeremiah of such prophets? Jer. 23. 25—32.

To what place did the men come, in what state did they find it, and what report did they carry back to their tribe? v. 7—10.

How large a party of them embarked in the expedition?

Whom did they plunder on the way, and what were the circumstances? v. 13—21.

How did Micah shew his resentment of the robbery, and with what effect? v. 22-26.

What was the result of the enterprise of the Danites and what did they call their new city?

How long did they keep their idolatry? N. B. The captivity here spoken of, was that of the ark mentioned 1 Sam. 4. it has been suggested that on account of the introduction of idolatry into Israel by the tribe of Dan, that tribe is omitted in the sealing of the tribes in Rev. 7.

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