1 Samuel 14

What bold stroke against the enemy did Jonathan meditate, and to whom did he communicate it?

Where was Saul abiding at this time and how was he attended ?

Who attended him as priest, and with what ensigns of the sacred office?

Did this circumstance probably inspire him with a vain confidence? Judg. 17. 13.

What was the relative local situation of the two armies? v. 4, 5.

How did Jonathan break the project to his armor-bearer, and how did he answer him?

Does the scheme indicate a strong spirit of faith in both of them?

Does the result prove it to have been suggested by a divine impulse?

By what considerations did he encourage himself in the undertaking?

Are we at present to expect miraculous interpositions in our affairs?

What token did they agree upon according to which their proceedings were to be determined?

What was the core sequence of their discovering themselves to the Philistines?

What was the success of their first onset?

How is the panic described, and what miraculous event occurred to increase it?

Have we already considered a case very similar? Judg. 6.

What did the watchmen of Saul observe, and what steps were immediately taken?

Did the increasing tumult in the host render Saul so impatient that he could not wait for an answer from the oracle?

Should we suffer our most pressing business to interrupt our religious exercises ?N. B. The event frequently proves that the calls to which we give way are by no means urgent, and that it would have been better for us to have continued at our duties. Just as in the present case Saul found the enemy so busily employed in slaughtering each other, and doing his work for him, that his services could have been very well spared till he had finished his devotions.

What unexpected success did the Israelites receive on that occasion? v. 21.

Whither did the battle pass over?

What circumstances occurred to distress the Israelites in the full tide of their victory?

Was this a very rash and impolitic order, and enforced with a needless severity ?

Were the people cruelly tantalized by it?

How did Jonathan fall under the curse and what ensued? v. 27—30.

Whither did they pursue the enemy, and what was the unhappy consequences of their fasting? V. 31—33.

What express law was broken by this means? Deut. 12. 23.

What order did Saul issue for the purpose of staying their sinful precipitancy?

How did he distinguish the place?

What propositions did he then make to the people, and how was it received?

What deterred him from putting it in execution?

Docs he seem to have concluded that God was for some reason offended, and how does he proceed to detect the transgressor? v.38—42.

Is this always a reasonable conclusion when our prayers are not answered? v. 43—45.

Did not Saul in this matter shew himself blinded to his own sin in troubling Israel?

Are those often the severest towards other's faults, who are most indulgent to their own?

How was Jonathan rescued ?

Was the opportunity thus lost of completing the destruction of the Philistines?

What is said of Saul and his achievements after this?

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