2 Kings 8

What counsel did Elisha give to his benefactress, the Shunamite, and why?

Did she comply with this advice, and what is related of her after the term had expired? V. 2, 3.

What were the peculiar circumstances and the result of her introduction to the king? V.4—6.

Whither did Elisha go up from Samaria, what message was sent to him, and what answer did he return to it? N. B. This is an instance of that strange sentiment of fatality which paralysed the use of all rational means of recovery. Some abuse the doctrine of the divine decrees in the same manner.

What took place between the prophet and Hazael the messenger? v. 11—13.

Should we be equally astonished and incredulous were we told the real wickedness of our hearts?

What false report did he bring to the king, and how did he hasten his death? v. 14, 15.

Who began to reign with Jehosaphat, whom did he marry, and what was his character?

How did he deal with his brothers? 2 Chron. 21.4.

What considerations stayed the divine judgments?

What nation revolted from Judah, and how did Joram succeed in his attempts to reduce them to submission?

What is related of the manner of his death? Chron. 21. 12—20.

Who succeeded him, what was the name and family of his mother, and what his character?

What circumstances are mentioned respecting him and Joram the son of Ahab?

Did Ahaziah's visit cost him dear? 2 Chron 22.7.

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