1 Samuel 5

What did the Philistines do with the ark, and what was the consequence?

What was signified by this miraculous circumstance? Jer. 10. 6—16. 2 Cor, 6, 14—16.

Is this emblematical of Christ's entering and taking possession of the heart?

What superstitious custom did Dagon's fall give rise to among his priests and worshippers?

What judgment from the hand of the Lord befel the inhabitants of Ashdod, and what language did it extort from them?

Is this emphatically alluded to in the Psalms? Ps. 78. 65, 66.

What measures did they take to have the ark removed out of their coasts, and whither did they resolve it should be carried?

What circumstance similar to this happened to Christ, the ark's antitype, when on earth? Mat. 8. 34.

Did they execute this purpose, and what followed?

Where did they next design to carry it, how were the people of the city affected by the project, and what did they do to prevent it?

Was the hand of God in the mean time executing its destructive work among them also?

By what expression is the excruciating nature of their sufferings indicated?

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