1 Samuel 4

Against whom did the Israelites at this time go out to battle, and with what success?

How were the people affected by the disaster, and to what measure did they resort in their extremity?

What former circumstance probably suggested the idea? Josh. 6. 6.

What ought they to have done under these circumstances? Jer. 7. 3—7.

Does it appear that they either consulted Samuel, or asked counsel of the Lord in reference to the step?

Was not the removal of the ark contrary to the tenor of the law in Deut. 12. 5-11?

Did they accordingly send for the ark and by whom was it brought?

What was the manner of its reception in the camp?

Did they not in this transaction virtually make an idol of the ark?

Is it not always equally vain to trust in the mere form, or ordinances, or external privileges of religion?

What effect had the arrival of the ark upon the Philistines, and what did they say? v. 7—9.

What was the source of their dread ? v. 8.

What was the issue of the battle? v. 10. 11.

How is this event alluded to in the Psalms? Ps. 78. 61, 64.

Who brought the tidings to Shiloh, and with what tokens of grief?

Where and in what frame was Eli in waiting, and how was he and the city affected by the arrival of the messenger?

What was Eli's age and infirmities at this time, and how did he question the herald?

What answer did he receive, and what was the effect of it?

Does the fate of his sons, or the fate of the ark appear to have contributed most to this mournful event?

Do the interests of religion habitually lay nearer the hearts of the pious than any other concern? Ps. 137. 5,6.

What is to be thought of Eli's character on the whole?

Did these desolating judgments extend still farther into the family?

Does she appear to have been a pious woman?

What did she name her infant son, and what was signified by it?

Was it now that the abandonment of Shiloh commenced, and how is Jerusalem reminded of it ages afterwards? Jer. 7. 12—14. N.B. The ark was indeed finally recovered, but it was never restored to Shiloh.

Ought the memory of divine judgments to be long kept up?

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