1 Samuel 3

Why was the word of the Lord peculiarly precious in the days of Samuel's childhood?

What remarkable occurrence took place when Eli on a certain occasion laid him down to rest? V. 1—6.

Had Samuel been hitherto ignorant of this mode of revelation, and how did Eli direct him to improve it?

Was it not a severe rebuke to Eli, that a mere child should be preferred to him ?

What was the message that came to Samuel? V.11—14.

What is stated to be the procuring cause of the judgments denounced against the house of Eli?

Are we taught by this that it is the indispensible duty of parents to use coercive measures in the management of refractory children?

How shall we answer those who maintain that the rod should be discarded in family discipline? Prov. 23. 13, 14.

Is it not a false aspersion that the children of the pious more frequently become abandoned than those of others? Prov. 22. 6.

What was Samuel's deportment under the signal honor thus put upon him?

How did Eli become acquainted with the message,and in what manner did he receive it?

What further is said of Samuel, what was his reputation, and what subsequent marks of divine favor did he enjoy? N. B. The expression—"He let none of his words fall to the ground"—intimates that whatever he uttered in the character of prophet received a remarkable fulfilment, and thus firmly established his credit among the people. See ch. 9. 6.

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