Esther 8

What became of Haman's house, and what declaration of holy writ is verified by the circumstance? Job 27.16,17.

How was Mordecai honored on this occasion?

What farther plea did Esther make, how was she emboldened at the commencement, and what was the sequel?

Did she carefully abstain from saying any thing to reflect upon the king himself in regard to the bloody edict?

What was the king's reply to Esther and to Mordecai, and what was the reason of his not doing the thing himself? Dan. 6.15.

Was not this feature in the Persian constitution highly absurd and preposterous?

How long after the framing of Hainan's decree before Mordecai's went forth? N.B. More than two months, so that the people had full time to survey the prospect of their sufferings, and piously to prepare for them.

What was the purport of this commission or warrant?

What provision was made to have it speedily and extensively published throughout the provinces ?

Did this necessary civil war shew the folly of those unrepealable laws?

In what style did Mordecai go forth from the presence of the king, and what was the effect of the happy tidings upon the Jews?

What impressions did the event of this deliverance produce upon "the people of the land," and what were they led to do?

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