Esther 7

What occurred again at the banquet?

As the affair eventuated, was there a remarkable Providence in Esther's delaying her petition till the second day?

What did she mean by saying that the enemy could not cointervail the king's damage? N.B. She intimated by this that the injury which the king's revenue would sustain by destroying the Jews would be so great, that Haman's ten thousand talents would not be sufficient to compensate the loss ; so that the step would be not only cruel, but impolitic.

What was the king's answer, and what ensued?

Was this tie first intimation that Haman probably had of Esther's being a Jewess, and did it tend to confirm his fears?

What was the effect of this information upon Ahasnerus, and in what circumstances did he find Haman upon his return?

What was done with him on the spot, and to what ignominious death was he doomed?

What words of the Psalmist are strikingly exemplified in his fate? Ps. 7.15,16.

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