Esther 9+10

What is said to have occurred when the eventful day arrived, and what circumstances helped forward their success?

How many were destroyed in Shushan,and what was the fate of Hainan's family?

Did they take any spoil, or is there any intimation that they injured any individual who was not found in arms against them?

What did the king say to Esther, and what further request did she make which was granted?

Was this prompted by a vindictive spirit? N.B. She had probably been informed that numbers of Haman's party yet survived, and meditated another attack the next day. It was important therefore to the safety of her own people and of the state, that this faction should be crushed.

Are God's people required, when clearly acting under his commission, to be thorough even in the work of judgment?

How many fell in Shushan, on the second day, and how was the work carried on in the provinces?

Is there any evidence that a single Jew perished throughout the whole empire in consequence of Haman's decree?

When did they rest from this work of carnage, and how did they celebrate their deliverance?

What inference do we draw from the 20th v. as to the authorship of this book?

Is this feast of Purim still kept up among the Jews with its original design? N. B. The day is still nominally observed, but is said to have degenerated into a season of riot and excess.

What is said in conclusion of the power of Ahasuerus and of the greatness of Mordecai?

Would the glory of this mighty Potentate have been in a great measure forgotten had it not been preserved in this humble but inspired history?

What is the grand moral lesson taught by the general scope of this narrative? Ps.37.12,13.

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