Judges 21

By what means had the children of Israel brought themselves into a perplexing difficulty?

What does this and similar instances teach us? Eccl. 5. 3—6.

What did the people do in this extremity, and what expedient did they adopt to prevent the extinction of a tribe? v. 2—11.

How many young women did they thus procure, and was the number sufficient?

What amicable message did they send to the refugees in the rock Rimmon?

What did the elders of the congregation say respecting their oath, and what method was proposed in order to provide the two hundred remaining Benjamites with wives? v.16—22.

Was this a mere evasion of the vow? Prov.20. 25.

Was this a dance for mere amusement? Is.22. 12, 13.

Did the children of Benjamin comply with this counsel? N. B. As the whole inheritance allotted to the tribe would fall to the survivors this little remnant no doubt became greatly enriched.

How does the history close?

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