Ezra 8

Of what rank and standing were those who were persuaded to accompany Ezra?

Where did he gather the company together, and what deficiency did he find in it?

What measures did he take to obtain a supply, and with what success? v. 26—20.

What step did they take at the river Ahava to secure the divine guidance ?

Is this a good precedent for the pious in the commencement of arduous or important journies? Phil. 4. 6.

Why had he not obtained a military guard from the king?

Is any argument to be drawn from this circumstance against the prudent use of means in ordinary cases?

Were they blessed in the performance of this duty?

What office was entrusted to a select number of Priests, and what special charge accompanied if?

What is said of the remainder of the journey, and of their doings after they arrived at Jerusalem?

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