2 Samuel 18

What disposition did David make of his forces after numbering them, what did they say to his proposal to head them, and what did he reply?

What special charge did he give to the three generals, and what was the scene of the battle?

What is said of the engagement, and what was the unhappy dilemma that befel Absalom?

How did Joab become informed of it, and what conversation had he with the man? v.10—13.

What was finally the fate of Absalom, and how was the battle then brought to a close?

What is to be thought of Joab's conduct in this affair?

Was Absalom buried and honored at his death in the way he had expected?

What was Ahimaaz's proposal, and what Joab's reply to it?

Did he at last obtain his request, and what ensued?

What were his first tidings to David, and how did he evade his anxious interrogation?

What did the king soon learn from Cushi, and how did his overwhelming grief vent itself?

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