2 Kings 16

Who succeeded Jotham, and what is said of his abominations? v. 1—4.

What distinguished prophet lived and prophesied in this reign?

By whom, and with what wasting calamities, was the country invaded? 2 Chron. 28.

What additional circumstances are mentioned in Chronicles respecting those taken captive?

To what is it owing that they did not entirely overcome the nation? Ans. To the promises made to the house of David.

What took place in Isaiah's interview with Ahaz relative to this invasion? Is. 7. 1—15.

What depredations were committed by Rezin, king of Syria, and how was he repulsed and slain? v. 5—9.

What were the sad consequences arising from Ahaz' journey to Damascus? v. 10—15.

What other gross acts of sacrilege and impiety was he guilty of, and by whom was he succeeded? v. 17—20.

Did any of the kings of Judah attain to David's age of seventy years ?

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