2 Kings 15

Who came to the throne of Judah while Jeroboam reigned in Israel, and what was his character?

What prophet lived in his reign whose counsels he enjoyed? 2 Chron. 25. 5.

By what other name is he called? 2 Chron. 26. 1.

To what was it owing that he was incapacitated for public business, and how happened he to fall under this judgment? v. 5. 2 Chron. 26. 16—21.

By what law was he required to dwell in a "several" or separate "house?" Lev. 13,46,

Who managed the government in his stead?

Who succeeded Jeroboam in Israel, and how came he to his end?

What promise, formerly made to Jehu, was now fulfilled? ch. 10.30.

What was the fate of Shallum, and how long and in what manner did his successor reign? V. 13—18.

What foreign king came against Israel at this time, and how was he induced to return back? V. 19—21.

From what does it appear that Nineveh the capital of Syria had at this time become a large and powerful city ? Jonah, 3. 3.

Who succeeded Menahem, what was his character, and how was he cut off ? v. 23—26 N.B. The nation were now fast ripening to ruin.

What says Solomon of the cause of the rapid succession of rulers? Prov. 28. 2.

What wicked king succeeded Pekahian, and what destructive invasion of Israel took place under his reign? v. 27—29.

How did Pekah come to his death, and what prophecy was accomplished in that event? Is. 8.4. N.B. He appears to have been a formidable enemy to the kingdom of Judah in the early part of the reign of Ahaz.

What noted prophets flourished in the times we are now considering? Is. 1. 1. Hos. 1.1. Amos 1. 1. Micah 1. 1.

Is it necessary to compare very attentively their prophecies with the history in order to a proper understanding of both?

What must we infer, from the general strain of their writings, to have been the state of religion during these reigns, and for a long time before?

Who succeeded Uzziah or Azariah in Jerusalem, and what was his character and principal acts?

What powers began now to confederate against Jerusalem, and how were the king and people, in the next reign, affected by the invasion? Is. 7.

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