Esther 2

Did the king's affection for Vashti appear to revive after his anger was cooled, and what prevented him from restoring her? N.B. The laws of the Medes and Persians were unchangeable.

What course was proposed in order to provide the king with another wife, and how did he approve of it? v 2.4.

What distinguished Jew was at this time resident in the court of Persia, and what is said of him? v. 5,6.

What near relation had fallen under his protection, and what is said of her?

How was she brought into notice, and what charge did her uncle give her? N.B. It is not to be supposed that Mordecai voluntarily proposed his niece as a candidate for the king's favor, as this was contrary to the laws of Moses, (Deut. 7.3.) but that she was taken by virtue of the royal edict without either Mordecai's consent or her own being asked.

How did Mordecai still evince his parental solicitude for her, and did she continue to shew the same respect to him as ever? v.20.

How did she stand in the affections of the king and how did he honor her?

How did he celebrate her coronation?

From what expression do we infer that Mordecai was preferred to some office about the palace?

What circumstance occurred that gave Mordecai an opportunity of saving the king's life, and how was the memory of the fact preserved?

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