Judges 9

How were the men of Ephraim affected by the success of Gideon, and what answer did he make to their expostulation?

Do we find these Ephraimites acting a similar part on another occasion ? ch. 12. 1.

From what principle did their conduct spring? Eccl. 4. 4.

What occurred when Gideon and his men had passed over Jordan, and came to Succoth? V.4—6.

How did Gideon threaten to avenge this barbarous treatment?

What proverb did his conduct exemplify on this occasion? Prov. 19. 11.

What answer did he receive to a like request at Penuel, and what did he utter against them?

What was the number of the enemy slain, and what the remnant now abiding in Karkor?

What success had Gideon in the pursuit? v.11—13.

What did he do, on returning to Succoth, with the elders of the city?

What with the men of Penuel ?

What was the fate of the two kings, and the, circumstances of it? v. 18—21.

Is the destruction of these leaders of the Midianites pleaded by the Psalmist as a precedent for the ruin of the church's enemies? Ps. 83.11.

How did the children of Israel propose to honor their deliverer, and what reply did he make to them?

What did he declare himself willing to receive, and what use did he make of the donations?

Was his conduct in this matter somewhat censurable, and what was the consequence? N.B. As Gideon had been commanded in an extraordinary manner at his first calling to offer a sacrifice, which was ordinarily done by those wearing an ephod, he may have thought himself authorised from that fact to officiate in the same way occasionally at his own house; but this was manifestly improper, as it was invading the province of the Priests whom God had expressly set apart for that purpose. The origin of Gideon's error, appears to have been, his looking with too wishful an eye upon the golden earrings of the prey.

Do the consequences of this step shew the pernicious influence of a good man's had example? Eccl. 10. 1.

What is said of Gideon's residence, and of his family? v. 29, 30.

What was the name of his son by the concubine in Shechem?

Where was he buried and what came to pass after his death? v. 32—35.

Is honorable mention made of Gideon in the New Testament? Heb. 11. 32.

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