2 Samuel 6

What new gathering of the people, or a part of them, did David make, and for what purpose?

How does this account vary from that given in 1 Chron. 13?

Where was the ark stationed at this time, and by what means did they undertake to transport it?

Did they in this follow the injunctions of the law, or the example of the Philistines? Ex. 25.14 Num. 7.9

With what tokens of joy was the removal accompanied?

What Psalm is supposed to have been written or sung on this occasion? N. B. Compare the first verse of this Psalm with Numbers 10.35.

What solemn event took place on the way ?

What express command did Uzzah violate in this instance? Num.4. 15.

Do right intentions ever excuse a departure from God's revealed will ?

Are men, and especially ministers, liable to contract an unhallowed familiarity with sacred things, and thus expose themselves to divine judgments? Lev. 10. 3.

What were David's feelings on this occasion, and what name did he give to the place ? N.B. The name signifies, the breach of Uzzah.

Was he hereby deterred from executing his purpose at this time ?

How long did the Ark remain with Obed-Edcm, and with what effects?

Is this emblematical of the happy consequences of giving welcome to the Gospel into our hearts and families?

What induced David to resume his purpose of removing the ark?

What Psalm is supposed to contain special reference to this event? Ps. 132.

How are we told that he went about to rectify the errors of the former attempt? v. 12, 13,See also 1 Chron. 15. 12—15.

With what expressions of joy did David evince his pious emotions at this time ? N. B. This was by no means a measured or artificial dance, but a simple leaping for joy.

How was Michal impressed on seeing the king demean himself in this manner?

What did they do with the ark, and with what ceremonies, and presents to the people, was the location of it attended?

What sacred song was composed for the occasion? Compare 1 Chron. 16. with Ps. 105.

For what purpose did David return to his own house, and what reception did he there meet with?

How did he reply to her taunting reproach, and what punishment did her impiety bring upon her?

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