1 Samuel 19

What new troubles came upon David after his marriage, and what blessing had he to counterbalance them? Prov. 17. 17.

Does deep settled malice naturally tend to murder?

How did Jonathan endeavor to effect the safety of David?

Does this plan appear to have been so contrived that David might be an ear-witness of the conference?

By what engagements did he attempt to pacify and reconcile his father?

What effect had his intercession upon Saul, and what were the fruits of it? v. 6. 7.

What signal service did David again perform for his country, and how was this and all his kindness to Saul rewarded? v. 8—10.

What further mischief did Saul plot against David, and how was he delivered from it?

What escape similar to this is mentioned in the New Testament? Acts 9. 25.

What Psalm did David pen on this occasion? Ps. 69. Title.

What was Michal's stratagem for deceiving the messengers, and what was the result?

Was there any thing in her conduct which cannot be justified?

Whither did David flee for refuge and for counsel and what passed between him and his venerable friend?

What appears to have been Samuel's ordinary occupation at this time? N. B. He probably presided over a seminary of young prophets.

Did Saul hear of David's retreat, and what ensued? v. 20—20.

What similar passage do we find in the New Testament indicating the happy effects of religious assemblies? 1 Cor, 14. 24, 25.

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