2 Kings 25

To what was Nebuchadnezzar provoked by the revolt of Zedekiah, land how long was the city besieged?

Were the distresses of famine added to their other troubles? Ezek, 4.16. Sam. 4.4.

What was Jeremiah's advice to Zedekiah in this emergency? Jer. 33. 17.

What other special message did Jeremiah deliver to him on this occasion ? Jer. 34. 1—7.

What solemn covenant did Zedekiah and the people enter into while the danger was impending which they violated as soon as the enemy withdrew? Jer. 34. 8—11. N.B. It appears that Nebuchadnezzar's army raised the siege for a short time to go against the king of Egypt, and Zedekiah and his people repenting of their repentance, took advantage of this respite to bring back their liberated servants a second time under the yoke.

Is this a striking representation of the common conduct of men under transient convictions?

What denunciation was hereupon uttered against them? Jer. 34. 12—22.

What message did Zedekiah send to the prophet notwithstanding he did not hearken to his words? Jer. 37.2.3.

Is it usual for men in their distress to seek the prayers of those whose counsels and warnings they have before despised? 1 Sam. 28.11.

What is to be thought of those who ask the prayers of pious ministers and others in time of sickness, and yet do not pray for themselves?

What unavailing attempt did Zedekiah make to escape, and what was done with him when apprehended?

What two prophecies, apparently contradictory, were both fulfilled in this event? Jer. 34. 3. Ezek. 12. 13.

What devastations did the Chaldean army, about a month later, commit upon the city, and what did they do with the remnant of the people?

What other afflicting account do we find of the desolations of Jerusalem at this time, and of the causes of them? 2 Chron. 36. 14—21.

What were the principal articles of the sacred furniture taken to Babylon?

What was done with Seraiah and several other distinguished men, who were probably accessories to Zedekiah's rebellion?

Whom did Nebuchadnezzar set over the few vinedressers and husbandmen that remained in the land, and by what means was this officer cast out of his place and slain?

Whither did the people then resort, and why ?

Was this directly contrary to the word of Jeremiah? Jer. 42.7—22.

What prediction of Moses was fulfilled in their persisting in this infatuated determination? Deut. 28. 03.

What favor was shown by Evil-Merodach the son and successor of Nebuchadnezzar, to Jehoiachin? N. B. "The Jews say that this Evil-Merodach had been himself imprisoned by his own father when he returned from his madness, for some mismanagement at that time, and that in prison he contracted a friendship with Jehoiachin, in consequence of which, as soon as he had it in his power, he showed him this kindness as a fellow sufferer." — Henry.

How long was it predicted that the captivity of Judah should continue? Jer. 25. 11.

From which of the several captivities is this period most properly to be dated ? N.B. Probably from that mentioned 2 Kings, 24.1—4, which was the fourth year of Jehoiakim.

At what time did this period expire ? 2 Chron. 36. 22.

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