2 Kings 24

Who came up against Jehoiakim, and what is said in Chronicles respecting this event which is omitted here? 2 Chron. 36.6,7.

How long did he continue his allegiance to Nebuchadnezzar? What nations were then sent to harrass the land, and for what cause? v.2—4.

When were Daniel and his companions carried captive to Babylon? Dan. 1.1.

Is it implied that the Lord would not pardon the sins of Manasseh personally, or does this apply to those of the people at large who had connived at them?

Who succeeded Jehoiakim, and by what means was he freed from the oppressions of the king of Egypt?

How long did Jehoiachin reign in Jerusalem what was his character and to whom did he offer terms of submission?

What spoil and what captives did Nebuchadnezzar carry away to Babylon N. B. Ezekiel, the prophet, and Mordecai were among the number.

What was the purport of Jeremiah's letter to the captives? Jer. 29. 1—23.

Who was made king of Judah in the place of Jehoiachin, and what account is given of him?

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