1 Kings 11

What melancholy proof of the weakness and depravity of human nature is given in this chapter?

How does Nehemiah, years afterwards, speak of the lamentable fall of Solomon? Neh. 13.26.

To what extent did he multiply his wives?

What precept did he transgress in this? Deut, 17.17.

To what further abominations did his misconduct lead?

Is this on the whole one of the most mournful cases of apostacy to be found in all the records of the Bible?

Should it however lead us to decide unfavorably as to Solomon's piety? N. B. The scripture testimony certainly preponderates in favor of his being a good man, and consequently of his being saved at last. And it is by no means necessary, in order to its being improved as a salutary lesson to us, to suppose his defection to be a final "drawing back unto perdition."

Will any previous degree of wisdom, gifts, or firmness of resolution, secure any man from sin, who presumes upon his own sufficiency, and rushes into temptation?

How did the Lord regard his conduct, and what word did he send unto him?

Were any of the mitigations of the sentence granted for Solomon's own sake?

Is it to be hoped and presumed that this message was the means of bringing him to repentance?

Is it peculiarly unhappy for the cause of religion when an eminent professor falls without afterwards affording clear evidence of repentance? Prov. 25. 26.

What adversary is the Lord said to have "stirred up" against Solomon, and what is to be understood by it? N. B. Simply that the Lord permitted and over-ruled the invasion as a chastisement to Solomon.

What account is given of the previous history of this Hadad? v. 15—22.

What other adversary arose to molest Solomon, and what is said of him? v. 23—25.

Who was the last and most formidable of these troublers of Israel, and what was the occasion of his lifting his hand against the king? v. 26—39.

Did this prediction or declaration of the prophet, coming from God himself, excuse the ambition and rebellion of Jeroboam?

What alleviations of the threatened judgments were promised in Ahijah's prophecy ?

What attempts did Solomon make against Jeroboam, and how were they defeated ? N.B. It does not appear that this was on account of Ahijah's prophecy, but of Jeroboam's subsequent conduct?

How long did Solomon live before Christ? Ans. His era may be fixed at 1000 B. C.

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