1 Kings 10

What distinguished personage was attracted by the fame of Solomon to visit Jerusalem, and what was the more special object of the journey?

From whom was Sheba descended? Gen. 25. 3.

What was her equipage, and what is said of her interview with Solomon?

What were the objects that especially excited her wonder, and what was her language on the occasion? v. 4—9.

What presents did she make to Solomon, and how did he in turn evince his munificence?

From what source did Solomon derive his gold, and almug-trees, and to what uses did he apply the latter?

What precious articles were deposited in the house of the forest of Lebanon?

What description is given of Solomon's throne? V. 18—20.

la what esteem was silver held in those days?

What articles were brought by the navy from Tarshish?

What increase to his amazing riches did he derive from other sources? v. 25—21.

Does the excessive wealth and splendor of Solomon's kingdom seem to have gradually led both himself and the people to a criminal extravagance, which finally paved the way for a woeful relapse afterwards?

What is Solomon's own testimony respecting all this pomp? Eccl. 2. 1—11.

Is a state of worldly affluence for the most part peculiarly unfavorable to the spiritual interests of God's people ? N. B. We have before remarked that the reign of Solomon in its general character was designed as a type of the Millennial reign of Christ. And there is great reason to believe that the gradual degeneracy which grew out of the unexampled riches and prosperity of the kingdom of Israel at this time will have its counterpart at the termination of the happy thousand years ; for we are told that subsequent to that period, "Satan is to be loosed a little season."

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