1 Kings 9

What farther manifestation was made to Solomon, and what was the substance of the Lord's address to him at this time? v. 1—9. N. B. It is remarked by critics that the phrase, "if ye shall at all turn," might more properly be rendered, "if ye altogether turn." It may be noticed also that the address which begins with being directed to Solomon personally, soon glides into a message to the people. A striking parallel to this is to be observed in the Epistles to the seven churches in the beginning of the Revelations.

When were these conditional threatenings remarkably fulfilled? 2 Kings 25. 8—10.

How long was it after the completion of the Temple that Solomon's other buildings were finished?

How did Solomon repay the services of king Hiram, and how was he pleased with them? N. B. It is extremely difficult to determine from the original whether Hiram was dissatisfied with Solomon's gift because it was too small, or whether "it was not right in his eyes" from being too large and liberal. As Hiram is said (2 Chron. 8, 2.) to have given certain cities to Solomon, (for the word is not restored in the original,) it is most probable we think that an exchange of cities was made by the two kings, and the word Cabul has reference to the mutual pledge involved in this transaction, which some of the learned pronounce to be the genuine import of the term. Moreover, it is scarcely possible to suppose any thing approaching to mean or niggardly in Solomon, the most magnanimous of men ; nor can we imagine that Hiram would have given them a name which implied nothing short of a standing reproach upon his royal friend and brother.

What is stated as the reason or occasion of the extensive levies which Solomon raised for several years? v. 15—19.

How did he deal with the remains of the devoted nations? v. 20—22.

What ancient scripture was fulfilled in this? Lev. 25. 44.

How many festivals did Solomon observe annually with great solemnity?

What is said respecting the state of navigation and commerce during his reign?

Has Solomon however directed us to a far better merchandise than this? Prov. 3, 14.

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