2 Kings 1

What nation, formerly subdued by David, rebelled after the death of Ahab? 2 Sam. 8. 2.

What accident befel Ahaziah,and to whom did he send a message of enquiry?

In what respects was his conduct faulty in this matter? Ps. 76.1.

In what other instances do we find men more solicitous to know the event of their sickness, than the means of recovery? 1 Kings 14.3, 1 Kings 7.7—9.

What is meant by the name Baal-zebub, and what mention is made of it in the New Testament? Mat. 12. 24. Mark 3. 22. N. B. The name means, Lord of flies.

By whom were the messengers met on the way, and how addressed ? v. 3, 4.

What enquiries did the king make of the messengers on their return, and what did they answer him?

Whom did Elijah resemble in his personal appearance? Mat. 3. 4. N. B. Elijah was a type of John the Baptist.

What measures did the king take for the apprehension of the prophet, and what became of the first companies?

On what occasion did Christ forbid his disciples making this a precedent for themselves? Luke 9. 51—56.

Did the third captain act a wiser part, and what was the result?

What did Elijah say when brought into the presence of the king, and was his word fulfilled accordingly ?

Who succeeded him in the kingdom?

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