2 Kings 2

What case had there been previous to Elijah, of one being taken to heaven without tasting death? Gen. 5.24.

What did Elijah do previous to his translation? N, B. This journey was no doubt undertaken for the purpose of visiting the schools of the prophets, to instruct, encourage, and bless them.

What do we learn from this as to the duty of good men when they are about to leave the world? 2Pet. 1.12—15.

What did Elisha say when Elijah was disposed to put his affection to the test?

What have we formerly met with similar to this? Ruth 1. 15—18.

What did the sons of the prophets say to Elisha, and how did he answer them? N. B. The phrase, " Take away thy master from thy head," has reference to the manner in which the Jewish teachers sat in the midst of their pupils, it being on an elevated seat or platform, so that their feet were on a level with the heads of their disciples. Hence it is said of Paul, that he was "brought up at the feet of Gamaliel."

What did Elijah still urge without effect upon Elisha, and whither did they come together while the sons of the prophets beheld them from a distance?

How did they cross the river, and what conversation then ensued?

Ought we highly to prize the society of aged and dying saints, and to endeavor to have their gifts perpetuated in us?

What were the circumstances of the translation, and what immediately followed? 11—14.

How was he received by the sons of the prophets, to what proposal of theirs did he at last consent, and what was the result? v. 15—18.

What miracle did he perform for the benefit of the men of Jericho? v. 19—22.

How was he treated by a number of little children at Bethel, and what awful judgment fell upon them?

Was Elisha's curse the effect of personal resentment, or of a divine impulse?

Would it seem that they had heard of Elijah's "going up," or ascension, and thus expressed a wish to be rid of Elisha also?

What rendered the sin of the children peculiarly heinous? Lev. 19. 32.

Were the parents of those children chargeable in great measure with the guilt and the destruction of their offspring?

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