1 Samuel 12

How did Samuel begin his address, and what solemn appeal did he make to the people and to the Lord on the occasion? v. 1—5.

What prominent points in their past history does he bring up in review before them? v. 6—12.

What does he assure them as to their future conduct? V. 13—15.

How does he go on to convince them of their great sin in desiring a king?

What was there peculiarly miraculous in this?

What impression did the event produce upon the people, and how did he assuage their fears?

What declaration does he make to them in the Lord's name, and what does he engage for himself?

What do we find parallel to this in the language of Paul? 2 Cor. 12. 14, 15.

How does he conclude the whole? v. 24, 25.

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