1 Samuel 11

What hostilities were now waged against a portion of the Israelites, and what terms did they offer to the invaders?

Did Nahash require still harder conditions, and what had the elders to say to his terms?

How did tidings of the affair come to Saul, and how was he employed at the time ?

What was said to him, how was he moved by it, and what did he do?

What was signified by this act, and what effect had it? V.7.

What number of men was soon mustered in Bezek?

What word was sent back by the messengers, and to what degree did it animate the men of Judah? V.9.10.

In what order and at what time did they come up with the enemy, and with what success did they fall upon them? N. B. Saul seems to have accomplished this expedition with amazing celerity, as his promise was that he would afford them help next day before the sun was hot, yet he arrived before day in the morning watch, and by noon had completed the victory!

What mark of honor and regard did the people now manifest towards Saul and how did he receive them?

What subsequent occasion did the inhabitants of this city avail themselves of to shew their respect for the services of Saul ? ch.31. 11—13.

Did Saul thus far manifest a spirit every way becoming his station?

What motion did Samuel make to the people before they dispersed, and what followed?

Is it highly proper that the people of God after special deliverances should renew the oath of allegiance and the vow of devotedness to Him?

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