1 Kings 7

What other buildings did Solomon erect, and how long was he employed in them?

What distinguished artist did he engage to superintend these works?

What was the height of the two pillars which he cast, and what were they called?

How is this account of the height of the pillars to be reconciled with that in 2 Chron. 3. 15?

What was the use of these pillars, and what the meaning of their names? N. B. Jachin-He will establish. Boaz—In him is strength. The precise typical design of them has never been satisfactorily ascertained. It is not unlikely that they correspond in some way with the two olive-trees of Zechariah (ch. 4. 14.) and with the two witnesses of John in the Revelation, (ch. 11. 3, 4.) but the chain of connection yet remains to be developed.

What was the next article constructed, and what the form, dimensions, and position of it?

What was the use, and typical meaning, of the Molten Sea? 2 Chron. 3. 6. Zech. 13. 1.

How many brazen Bases, each bearing a Laver, did he make, and how were they situated in the court? v. 27—39

How were they removed from place to place as convenience might require? v. 30. N.B. The form of these Bases is important, from the fact that they are supposed to afford a clue to the explanation of the imagery of Ezekiels vision (ch. 1, and 10.) which doubtless had the resemblance of a living chariot, the body of which was formed of Cherubims and their expanded wings, resting on four spherical wheels, each being compounded of two at right angles to each other, and so adapted to run in the direction of either of the four faces of the Cherubim without turning out of a straight course. The "firmament" mentioned (Ez. 1.22.) was a splendid crystal-like pavement or flooring, resting on the heads of the Cherubim, and supporting the throne of divine glory. See the "Explication of Ezekiel's Vision."

Where were these things, together with the rest of the brazen vessels, cast?

Mention the principal golden articles which made a part of the Temple furniture.

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