Joshua 4

What command did the Lord give to Joshua when the people were all passed over, and what did he do in compliance with it?

What was the design of this step?

Who are said in the 8th v. to have executed this order, and why is it attributed to them? N. B. This is one of the numerous instances occurring in Scripture, in which a company or multitude are said to do that which is done by their constituted agents—a principle of great importance when considered in relation to ecclesiastical proceedings.

Was there more than one heap of stones erected on this occasion?

Who came last out of the river, and who marched in front?

Was this according to a prior understanding?

How did the people henceforward regard Joshua?

Did the Priests wait for a special command before they came up out of the river?

What followed immediately upon their emerging?

At what time was this passage made; how long after they left Egypt; and where did they encamp? N. B. It was forty years lacking five days after the departure from Egypt; the remaining days being necessary to preparation for the Passover.

Is it intimated that these stones were to remain for a long period where they are placed? N.B. As John is supposed to have baptised at this place, it is not improbable that he might have alluded to this heap when he said; "God is able, of these stones, to raise up children to Abraham."

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