1 Samuel 21

Whither did David now betake himself, and how did Ahimelech receive him?

Does it appear that he was absolutely alone? Mark 2. 26.

What seems to have been his principal object in coming hither? ch. 22. 10.

What did he answer the priest, and what is to be thought of his conduct in this respect?

Was a falsehood on this occasion both useless and inexpedient?

Did David afterwards reflect severely upon himself for his duplicity at this time? ch.22. 22.

Did Ahimelech hesitate somewhat in complying with his request, and did he finally yield?

For what purpose does our Saviour allude to this circumstance? Mat. 12. 3, 4.

Are we from hence to infer that the positive institutions of religion may be dispensed with when the preservation of life, or urgent necessity require it?

Who happened to be present at this time that afterwards proved a traitor both to David and to Ahimelech? N. B. He was probably a proselyte.

What further request did David make to Ahimelech, and what did he obtain in consequence?

Whither did he go from thence, and why?

What feelings did his coming excite in the servants of Achish, and what effect had this upon his spirits?

What stratagem did he resort to in this extremity?

What Psalm was written at this time, and what sentiments does David express in it? Ps. 34.N.B. Ahimelech mentioned in the title of this Psalm was the name common to all the kings of the Philistines.

Was this dissimulation inconsistent with perfect truth and uprightness?

What consequence followed? N. B. It is supposed by some that the 56th Ps. was also composed during David's stay at Gath on this occasion.

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