1 Samuel 8

What measure, intended for the public good, did Samuel adopt when he became old?

What were the names of his sons, and where were they stationed ? N. B. Beersheba was the southern extremity of the land of Israel, and Dan the northern.

What was the result of this policy? v. 3.

What precept of the divine law did they violate by this conduct? Ex. 23. 8. N. B. it is reasonable to infer that Samuel had inculcated the best principles upon his sons, as well as proposed to them a blameless example, but the love of money, the root of all evil, seems to have effectually corrupted whatever virtues they had, and led to a sad disappointment of their father's hopes.

What representation and request did the Elders make to Samuel?

Should they not rather have required of him to bring his sons to an account for their maladministration?

Are there not grounds to believe that they desired a king for other reasons than the ostensible one? v. 20.

How did Samuel receive their request, and what answer did they obtain from the Lord relative to it?

Was there any intimation in the law of Moses, that such a change should probably take place in the government? Deut 17. 14.

What does the prophet Hosea say of the Lord's giving way to their impatient demand? Hos.13.11.

What were some of the consequences which Samuel assured them they might look for from the gratification of their wishes?

Did he plainly intimate that they would finally repent of their choice?

Had his representations the desired effect?

What plea did they make use of in persisting in their request?

Did Samuel again commend the affair to God, and what answer did he receive before dismissing the people?

If the leading men who urged the measure had been themselves ambitious of kingly power, would they not in some way or other have proposed themselves as candidates?

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