Chapter 12-14

How were they to dispose of the monuments of idolatry which they should find among the Canaanites?

Where were their own religious rites to be performed? V. 5> 6,

Was there any exception to this rule allowed? V. 15. 16.

What charge was given them respecting the Levite?

How is this command to be observed at the present day? 1 Cor. 9. 10—14.

What was to be done with enticers to idolatry ? V. 42—18.

In what respects were the children of Israel to be distinguished from other people? ch. 14. 3,22.

What was required of them provided they did not eat the tithes of their increase before the Lord? V. 24-27.

How were they to dispose of it every third year? v.28,29.

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