2 Samuel 16

Who met David a little past the summit of the hill, and with what was he furnished, and for what purpose? v. 1.2.

What information did David then seek of Ziba and what did he reply?

Was this a false accusation of Mephibosheth, and a foul slander upon him? ch. 19.26.27.

What sinister motive had Ziba in all this?

What was David's reply, and what is to be thought of it? Prov. 18. 13.

What happened to David as he passed through Bahurim? v. 5—8.

Were not Shimei's insinuations utterly false?

How did Abishai propose to avenge this insult, and how did David address him? v. 10. 11. N. B. It is not to be understood that Shimei had received any positive command from God to this effect, but simply that the Most High, in his righteous Providence, had brought David into circumstances that afforded Shimei an occasion for venting the spite and malice of his heart against the afflicted king. God's sovereign permissions are sometimes spoken of as his positive acts. Accordingly in the present case, as far as this contemptuous treatment was Shimeis sin, it was wholly from himself and the wicked one, and made him guilty before God ; but as far as it was David's affliction, it was from the Lord, and he acknowledges it with the pious spirit of Job, who when the bands of the Sabeans and Chaldeans had robbed him of his flocks and herds, and slain his servants, instead of uttering his indignation against them, exclaimed, " The Lord gave, and the Lord hath taken away, blessed be the name of the Lord."

Did Shimei add insulting usage to his words?

What was the tenor of Hushai's conference with Absalom?

Were his expressions taken by Absalom in a sense different from his real intentions?

What was Ahithopel's character as a counsellor, and did Absalom in complying fulfil the prediction of Nathan ch.12.11,12? N.B. Ahithopel's design was to urge Absalom on to such a step as would shew that he was in earnest in his usurpation, and such an one as would preclude all hope of reconciliation between him and David. His followers would thus have a security that he would not flinch from his purpose, and leave them exposed to punishment from David

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