2 Kings 6

What proposition was made to Elisha, and to what miracle did the affair give occasion? v. 1—7.

What do we learn from this passage respecting the personal accommodations and the habits of these sons of the prophets?

What useful information did Elisha give to the king in the Syrian war, and what suspicions were hereby excited in the mind of Benhadad? V.8—11.

How was the matter explained to him, and what was he thereupon induced to do? v. 12—14.

How was Elisha'a servant affected by the sight of the armed host, and how were his fears relieved?

What may we learn from this?

In what singular manner were his enemies defeated of their aim, and returned in safety to their master? v. 18—23.

Although the Syrians came no more into the land of Israel by bands, or detached parties, who collected the whole host and led them thither?

What was the consequence of the siege to Samaria, and what horrid transaction came to the ears of the king?

Was this the fulfilment of an ancient prophecy and what? Lev. 26. 29.

How was the king affected by the circumstance, and how did he vent his indignation?

How was Elisha employed when the messenger came to take his life, and how was that step prevented?

What was the king's desponding and unbelieving speech to Elisha and the elders? N. B. The king seems to have repented of his rash and bloody order, and to have come in haste to prevent the execution of it.

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