Joshua 12-17

What did the Lord say to Joshua when he was old and stricken in years? ch. 13. 1.

What was to be the inheritance of the tribe of Levi? ch 13.14.

How was the number of the twelve tribes, according to the number of the sons of Israel, complete without including that of Levi? ch.l4. 4.

What did Caleb say to Joshua when they were assembled in Gilgal, and what demand did he make?

Did he obtain his request, and what was the previous name of his inheritance?

What enemies did he drive from them?

What alluring offer did he hold out?

Who obtained the prize, and what did he gain in addition? ch. 15. 18—20.

What nation could not he drive out, and why? ch. 15. 63. Judges. 2. 21. N. B. As the expulsion of these devoted nations is no doubt emblematic of the extermination of the sins of believers, the Jebusites which still clung around the sacred city of Jerusalem, the seat of worship may not unfitly represent those inward corruptions or heart sins, which are the last to be subdued by the spirit of grace?

What provision had the Lord made for thedaughters of Zelophehad, and what was the success of the claim which they now presented ? ch. 17. 3, 4. Num. 27. 7.

What was the plea of the children of Joseph, and what answer did they obtain? ch. 17.14—18.

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