1 Samuel 26

What new information did Saul receire from the Ziphites, and what probably prompted, them again to betray him? N. B. It is not unlikely that they despaired of David's pardon for their former perfidy?

What was Saul hereupon prompted to do, and how did David get intelligence of his motions?

What discovery did David himself make of Saul's situation, and what adventure did he propose to two of his comrades?

How was Abishai related to David? 1 Chron. 2. 16.

In what posture did they find things in the camp?

What was Abishai's suggestion to David, and how did he receive it?

What was the only improvement they made of the opportunity thus put into their hands?

How was he enabled to do this?

What did David do after retiring and placing himself upon a post of safety, and what dialogue ensued? v. 13—16.

What was Saul's language when he knew David's voice, and what was David's reply? v. 17—20.

What penitent acknowledgments did Saul then make, and what evidence did David produce of his own innocent intentions?

What invitation did he make to David and with what promise was it accompanied?

How did David restore him his spear and his cruse, and with what expressions did he do it? v.22—24.

What prediction did Saul utter of David's advancement?

Did Saul and David on this occasion meet and part for the last time ? N. B. There is no evidence that they ever had another interview.

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