Judges 4

Into whose hands did Israel next fall as a punishment for their continued transgressions? N.B There was a particular nation of Canaanites dwelling in the Northern borders of the land who are here intended.

Who was Jabin's general, and what made his power so much to be dreaded?

How long were they oppressed by him?

Who judged Israel at that time, and where did she dwell?

What was her character as a ruler? ch. 5. 7.

In planning the deliverance of her people, for whom did she send, and what, in the name of the Lord, did she command and promise him? V. 6. 7. N. B. As Hazor and Harosheth lay within the tribe of Naphtaili, near perhaps to the lot of Barak, he had probably distinguished himself on former occasions in some engagements with the forces of the oppressor.

By what means, and in what place was he to meet with the enemy, and what was it said should be the issue of the battle?

What reply did Barak make to Deborah, and what did she answer him?

Did her words imply that she herself would take the honor of the victory? v. 22.

Did he soon collect his quota of men?

Did not some from the other tribes come in and join them? ch. 5. 14—18.

What descendant of Moses' father-in-law dwelt at Kadesh at this time, and why is this circumstance mentioned here?

Where did Sisera draw together his forces?

How did Deborah animate Barak to the contest?

Did he accordingly quit his vantage ground on the mountain, and descend into the valley?

What was the result?

What was the fate of Sisera?

How did Barak become acquainted with it?

Was Jael probably prompted to this bold and hazardous deed by a divine impulse?

What was the subsequent state of the children of Israel?

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