Ezra 4

What people proffered their services as partners to Benjamin and Judah in rebuilding the Temple, and what answer was given them? v. 1—3.

Is there any reason to think their intentions were either pious or friendly?

Does this strikingly represent the pretensions of false teachers, and the manner in which they should be treated by the true followers of Christ?

Ought we to have christian fellowship with those who deny the fundamental doctrines of religion, or who deny that there are any fundamental, however specious or flattering their professions?

What effect had this prompt refusal on these adversaries? v.4—6.

Who seem to have instigated, and who to have written this letter? v. 7—10.

What was the purport of it?

Is this letter pervaded by a malice and subtlety that savors of the wicked one, "the accuser of the brethren?"

What is the old slander brought against them, the one which persecutors have always harped upon? Acts 24. 5.

What answer did the king return to their letter? v. 17—22.

How did the enemy improve their advantage, and what effect had it on the progress of the work?

Is it not probable that the zeal of the builders themselves had somewhat flagged? Hag. 1.1—9.

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