Chapter 34

To the top of what mountain did Moses ascend, and what did the Lord there shew to him and say to him?

Where did Moses die, and where was he buried?

Was his sepulchre ever afterwards found?

What was the probable reason of this concealment? 2 Kings 18, 4.

Was the ministration of angels probably employed in the burial of Moses? Jude v, 9.

How old was Moses when he died, and what is said of his natural powers at the day of his death?

Was this chapter probably annexed, by some other hand to the writings of Moses? N. B. It is supposed to have been written either by Joshua, Samuel, or Ezra.

How long did the people mourn for Moses?

Who succeeded him in office, and how was he endowed for that purpose?

What is the general character given of Moses?

What were the principal points in which Moses bore typical resemblance to Christ? N.B. 1 . As Moses was the instrument of delivering the people of God from temporal bondage in Egypt, so doth Christ redeem his people from spiritual thraldom. 2. As Moses stood between God and the people in the giving of the Law, so is Christ the great Mediator between God and his people in the Covenant of grace. 3. As Moses was faithful in all God's house, so is Christ in all things pertaining to the Church. 4. As Moses was a distinguished Prophet and Teacher in Israel, so is Christ preeminently the great Prophet and Teacher of his people.

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