1 Samuel 17

Does David appear to have retired from the court for some time previous to the events related in this chapter? v. 15, 58.

What armies are here presented to us in hostile array, and what were their respective stations?

What remarkable personage stands forth as the champion of the Philistines?

Are we any where else informed how his ancestors came to be seated in Gath? Josh.11.22.

What description is given of his person, and armor? N. B. His height at a moderate calculation is computed to have been upwards of ten feet, and his coat of mail alone, saying nothing of his other armor, weighed upwards of 150 pounds!

How did he challenge and defy the armies of Israel, and what was the effect upon them?

To what was their faint-heartedness owing? Deut. 32.

How long a time did he continue to utter this insolent language? v. 16.

What is said of Jesse's age and family at this time? V. 12—14.

How was David employed at this crisis, and by what means did he get to the camp? V.17, 18.

Was there a peculiar Providence in David's being sent rather than any of his brethren?

What is said of his compliance with his father's order, and what took place when he arrived? V. 19—24.

What tempting rewards were held out to the man who should encounter and kill the Philistine?

What was meant by the expression that "his father's house should be free in Israel?" Ezra 7. 24.

What did David say to those that stood by, and what was the jealous and reproachful answer of his brother?

What was David's meek, yet manly reply, and was he at all discouraged or deterred ?

Did his words at length come to the ears of Saul, and what does he say to him when called into his presence?

Was David's heroic purpose doubtless the effect of a divine impulse upon his mind?

What objection did Saul suggest and how did David reply? v. 33—37.

What fruit should we always derive from the past experience of God's mercies? Ps.77. 5—11.

How did Saul proceed to accoutre this youthful champion, and what was the consequence?

Was this circumstance providential, and what was the design of it? Zech. 4. 6. 1 Cor.1. 27.

With what armor did he equip himself, and draw near to the Philistine, and in what spirit did Goliath receive him? v. 41, 42.

What was said by them respectively as they drew near to the combat? v. 43—47.

Relate the remaining circumstances and the final issue of the engagement? v. 48—51.

How did the men of Israel follow up this victory?

How did David dispose of his trophies, and what notice did Saul take of him? v. 55, 58. N.B.Although it is hardly supposeable that Saul had lost all recollection of David who for some time was attached to his court, and even to his person, yet it is very conceivable that he had, in his mental agitation and distraction, forgotten his family, after the name and character of which he now enquires.

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