1 Samuel 1

What was the residence and ancestry of Elkanah?

By what other name was the place of his residence called? V. 19. N.B. This Ramah is supposed to have been the same as Arimathea mentioned Mat. 27.57. a few miles north or northwest of Jerusalem.

Of what tribe was he? 1 Chron. 6. 33—35.

How was he connected in marriage and what were the names of his wives?

What evidence is there of his having been a devout man, and who were the priests at Shiloh at that time?

Are we required under the Gospel to attend upon the ministrations of notoriously wicked men?

Why did he not perform these religious ceremonies at home? Deut. 12. 5—7.

What offerings were those of which the offerer and his family might partake ? Lev. 7. 15. Deut. 12. 17, 18.

What token of preference did Elkanah on this occasion shew to Hannah, and what effect had this, together with Hannah's being childless, upon Penninah?

Did not this state of things grow out of Elkanah's having probably disregarded the divine law? Lev. 18. 18.

Were not these family broils peculiarly unfavorable to the right performance of their religious exercises? Mai. 2. 13. Mat. 5.23—25.

Was this scene of vexation and irritation on the part of Penninah repeated from year to year as they went up to Jerusalem?

How was Hannah affected by this treatment, and how did her husband essay to comfort her?

Does this gentle rebuke appear to have prevailed upon her to eat?

What did she do, after the feast was over, in the presence of Eli? v. 9. 11.

What ought ever to be the resort of the Lord's people in trouble?

What construction did Eli put upon her conduct, and what did he say to her?

How did she vindicate herself?

Was this satisfactory to Eli, what encouragement did he give her, and what effect did it produce upon her?

What did they do in the morning?

What did Hannah call the child of her prayers, and why?

Ought not children to be instructed into the significancy of their own names?

Did Elkanah continue to go up to the yearly sacrifice, and why did not Hannah accompany him?

Is the care of children often a sufficient excuse for mothers and nurses absenting themselves from public worship?

Did Elkanah consent, and what was done when the child was weaned?

Was the offering she brought prescribed in the Law? Num. 15. 9. 10.

With what sacrifice was the child presented to Eli?

What was Hannah's language to him when she surrendered her child to the service of the sanctuary?

Ought we always to be willing to lend those blessings to the Lord which he has first lent to us?

Is not this professedly done in the baptism of our infant offspring?

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