Here I hope to publish some fun and useful things I'm writing.

Mostly it will be stories set in a dieselpunk yet realistic future Ireland.

Now there's a Webcomic

Water Rats

An exciting new web serial, which will probably not have the title changed at this stage

  • Part 1:Hugh's View
  • Part 2.1:The Boy on the Green Kayak
  • Part 2.2:The Boy on the Green Kayak (2)
  • Part 2.3:The Boy on the Green Kayak (3)
  • Part 2.4:The Boy on the Green Kayak (4)
  • Part 2.5:The Boy on the Green Kayak (5)
  • Part 2.6:The Boy on the Green Kayak (6)
  • Random Notes

    Unsolicited advice: If you find yourself writing a lot of html tags to handle stuff you put on Neocities, consider using a Markdown to HTML converter. Works the same way as Reddit Mobiles comment writer, spend less time on HTML tags, more on writing. Workflow for Water Rats is txtpad on phone at lunch, email the .txt to myself, put through Markdown to HTML, paste output into Neocities editor, sort out all the links, save it, and then anyone on the internet can see it

    Useful Christian literature

    Scripture questions designed principally for adult Bible classes. Deuteronomy-Esther Bush, George, 1796-1859 I'm working on reformatting this from the free document on archive.org, which isn't very accessible unless you know where it is and what to look for. Eventually, I hope to issue a new PDF and EPUB of this, with actual tables of contents and the like (the original scan doesn't have that), such that this resource can be more easily used. If you'd like to collaborate, shoot me an email.

    Update log:

    Created this site
    Added Water Rats Part 1: Hugh's View
    Changed index.html to use 'Press Start 2P' as it's font
    Added Water Rats Part 2.1: The Boy on the Green Kayak, added an index for Water rats, tidied up a bit
    Made the nifty new banner, it's meant to look like a UK road sign. Learnt how to do SVG in HTML though, fonts, boxes and scaling. I ought to make up an article on how I did it, for the future duckduckgoers who are looking for answers. Banner needs a tweak or two yet though, bullethole doesn't look right, wrong font and now it clashes with the font for the rest of the page. Also, where's Carrynick?
    Added Part 2.2, and that's about all
    Added rough version of Scaled boxes for banners. Shipping it now, will be back to fix in the new week. I'm sure someone who can actually code will put me right in a strongly worded email if they see anything wrong in it
    Next installment of Water Rats is up, and the SVG boxes guide was tweaked. Added Internetty things index.
    09/03/21 (23 hours after last update)
    Added a quick page on the Carrynick Universe, which is a terrible name for it, but it works for me
    Starting to add pages of questions from "Scripture questions designed principally for adult Bible classes. Deuteronomy-Esther by Bush, George, 1796-1859" as htmls. Index here, got pages for Deuteronomy, chapters 1 and 2
    Finished putting up Deuteronomy. Next stop, Joshua. Making a wee area for that kind of stuff now
    Joshua was put up a couple of days ago, got the first 7 chapters of Judges done, not loving it. I am loving Bluemaxima's Flashpoint though. I'm actually going through Joshua using this for my Bible study now
    Added Part 2.4, and that's about all, other than giving Water Rats a nifty new logo.
    Another 7 chapters of Judges are up. Also, friends don't let friends buy common rail VW diesels
    Added Part 2.5, and another new logo.
    Finished Judges and got Ruth up
    Now got all of 1 Samuel up.
    2 Samuel is all up
    Got all of 1 Kings is up. Might not get up any Water Rats this week, take a wee break for Easter. If you're having difficulty going without any Water Rats, contemplate the reason why Christ went on the cross
    Back from Easter, will be getting back to normal programming shortly (might get more Water Rats up this week). Also, dare I use this to stash nice arts I make? I think I do. Source for the quote is 'A Fort for the Afflictd, Part 1', and I think that, while our situation doesn't really compare with Knox's, our hearts should be inclined to this same attitude.
    New Water Rats part 2.6 is up now. Some feedback would be quite nice.
    I made a Zine!
    Feeling lazy, made a links page
    New Water Rats part 2.7 is up, also, got back to the Bush questions, got half of 2 Kings up. Planning to do a film camera section soon.
    Got the rest of 2 Kings up. 50 more pages of the pdf to sort, then it's time to get onto the proper formatting for epub and a new pdf. Need to write an intro as well, because, while this is useful, George Bush was (at best) a heretic.
    I'm back! Was busy for a bit there, getting back at it. Will hopefully finish up the scripture questions soon, I don't know if I'm in the mood to write more Water Rats.
    That's Nehemiah all up, just Esther to go now. Then I'm going to do a whole re-org of the scripture question pages, hopefully make a good pdf and epub at the same time
    Esther has been up for a fortnight now. I should probably tidy the site up and do the Epub and pdf. But it's summertime and I have terrible rubbish things to watch
    I am attempting to start a webcomic, and the great reformatting of the scripture questions has begun, with Deuteronomy. Too tired to do links tonight
    That's Joshua done as well now. Epub should be a matter of literally copying in the html, PDF will be copying the text and a little formatting in LibreOffice
    Judges done.
    Got a few webcomic things done, 1 Samuel is sorted no
    All scripture Q's tidied, draft introduction is up for it, should be rolling on to pdf and epub soon
    Webcomicing has slowed a little, I am a very slow and poor artist, but here's a special installment for Reformation Month
    Updated the film photography page. Needs more stuff on it
    Corrected 'Marv' to 'Mary' in 1 Samuel 2, few other small tweaks
    Added images to Film Photography page
    Fixed typos in 1 Kings 1

    Here's my email for if you want to communicate with me: carrynick(dot)on(dot)the(dot)web(at-sign)gmail(dot)com

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